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A Hideaway in a Swimming Pool?

A Hideaway in a Swimming Pool? Sound like someone's dreaming? Maybe, but put your own imagination down on paper and you'll be able to find a contractor that will be able to build your hideaway in your swimming pool. Many have been built, and some have more than one place to enter the pool. From the outside with steps leading down to the entrance of the pool, to the inside of the waterfall. One pool allows the swimmer to enter through three waterfalls where you can sit at the bar on one side, and enter the outdoor kitchen on the other complete with a refrigerator, icemaker, sink and even a restroom. They can also include a color kinetic lighting system with more than a dozen color-changing lightshows, controlled by remote control.

Caves with faux rocks and spas with entrances through waterfalls or walk through a 40-foot tunnel cut out of faux sandstone. Other pools with a waterfall on one side have a grotto or cave on the other side. Within the grotto, they may have bench seats or loveseats and the ability to sit and watch the waterfall from the inside. The cost is upwards of $10,000 because they need independent concrete footing and extra support. The grotto's are made from faux rock, reinforced with steel rebar and stained to match the color of the surrounding areas within the grotto. Many pool owners now have large lagoon style pools filled with a salt water system instead of the chemicals used in other types of pools. All sound like something from an expensive resort? Homeowners are now requesting this type of hideaway in their swimming pools. They usually have their own ideas and need a contractor willing and capable of building it, and building it to code. Go online to see the different contractors and their exquisite designs.

Then contact your own contractor, and you may have to search a bit further. When you design a swimming pool with an attached cave, you'll want to be sure the contractor knows what he is talking about. You don't want to be his first customer unless he has the experience needed to take on a job like yours. It's not a job where you learn by doing. Take your time as you search, and insist that you view his work. To tackle a job that large and one that will cost a great deal, you will depend on your contractor to do the job correctly. You'll be proud to have the only swimming pool in town that has a grotto attached.