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Q: How to install EncapsGallery?
A: Follow these steps for install EncapsGallery:
1) unzip the package onto webserver (let’s say http://webhost/encapsgallery/)
2) change permissions to config-file and uploads directory:
you should provide full access for web-server user to the “rwx_gallery” folder:
chmod -R 777 rwx_gallery
chmod 666 config.ini.php
change file attributes to “rwx rwx rwx” for “rwx_gallery” directory, and config.ini.php file
3) configure it: http://webhost/encapsgallery/admin/catalog_cfg.php
4) run database installer: http://webhost/encapsgallery/admin/catalog_install.php

Q: I need to sort files by date so the newest file will be shown the first. How to set it?
A: Actually there is no “date” field relevant to uploaded image.
You can change the order by modifying the sql query from the file “/core/catalog.php”, function “_get_items”:

Q: My question concerns how to set the gallery to open with a specific category. Presently the gallery opens with
a random mix of photos and not any specific category.
A: 1) To open a specific category you can modify the file “gallery/index.php”:
Or you can just point a category from the main navigation:
<a href=”catalog.php?cat=1”>Gallery</a>
2) For modify templates you need to edit the template html code and template style file “catalog.css”.

Q: Hi, is there any way to embed the gallery script inside another page?
I’m trying to use the <?php include(“gallery/index.php”); ?>
reference and just keep getting errors
A: you can include the gallery script “catalog.php” inside other page in same directory. But don’t try to include
from subdirectory.
I mean you can do: <?php include(“catalog.php”); ?>
but not <?php include(“gallery/catalog.php”); ?>
Or you can copy your website header and footer html code inside catalog_head.html and catalog_foot.html,
Or include your header and footer instead of catalog_head.html and catalog_foot.html

Q: I like the dropshadow on the acd skin and need the left nav like the simple skin. Is there any way to have the simple skin with a dropshadow? (that drop shadow looks so sharp)
A: 1) you can apply the dropshadow for the skin “acd” into “simple_sc” – just copy relevant html code fragment from “html/acd/gallery.html” into “html/simple_sc/gallery.html”
or you can apply the left navi from “simple_sc” skin into “acd” in the same way – copy relevant html code fragment from one html- template into another

Q: Is there any way to change the code so that when a thumbnail is clicked, the image opens in a new window?
A: Sure, take a look into the file “html/_your_skin_/gallery.html”:
there is target=”_self” parameter for a thumbnail link, you can change it to target=”_blank”

Q: I would like to know if you can add this to an exsisting html page? I would like to be able to have it look like the rest of the pages including nav bar(javascript) and images? Is this an option with this gallery?
A: For change the gallery look you can apply required modifications into
1) catalog_head.html and catalog_foot.html files,
2) use desired skin files (one or all, depends from your requirements) as source for customising.
First option is simple, but second one is more flexible

Q: But I’d like to do some changes… When showing catalog_cats.php as my main page (changed in index.php) I want to have three different pictures for each gallery. Something like that: galery_name pic1 pic2 pic3
I already made the layout, but I want to show first three images (different of course) of gallery. I found a “gallery -> get_first_from_categ(…..), but now I’d like to have second and third as well… and where is this method (I suppose it’s method): get_first_from_categ.
A: You can use the following code for get first 3 images from a category:
$images = $this->db->query(“SELECT g.*,c.dst_dir FROM $this->table AS g LEFT JOIN “.$this->table.”_category AS c ON g.cat = c.id WHERE c.id=$_categ_id AND visible=’on’ ORDER BY position LIMIT 3”);
and access the result with $images[0],$images[1],$images[2]

Q: I want to be able to change the font size and colour as well as the colour of the categories box. Is that posible?
A: If you’d like to change fonts,color, take a look into the skins directory – “gallery/html/” : there are html files and css you can change

Q: Hi – I have a large directory of JPG’s. When I scan for new upload it is only discovering 14 new files at a time. This requires me to do multiple scans. Is there a time out value I can change so I can discover all new files?
A: Hello, I guess it depends from php script execution time, it is 30 seconds by default. You can increase this value (up to 5 mins, for example, or whatever you want) from “admin/catalog_head.php” file, add the following line:
below the line #46:

Q: Is it possible to change the dollar sign on the shopping cart to the pounds sterling sign or the Euro sign as I trade in these currencies ?
A: Yes, it’s possible to change the dollar sign to the pound or euro, but it is hardcoded into html templates. You can use html-editor for replace “$” symbol with:
? Euro: &euro; or &#8364;
? Pound: &pound; or &#163;
And also you should change currency code in the shopcart.php page, line #46:
<input type=”hidden” name=”currency_code” value=”USD”>
Files: “html/_skin_/gallery.html”, “html/_skin_/catalog_custom.html” , “shopcart.php”, “shopcart_preview.php”

Q: How to change 3×3 orientation of pics to 4×5? tnx.
A: The orientation is configured from the html-template and config-file, for example 3×3 orientation is :
1) config.ini.php, “$config[“pager_items_per_page”] = 9″
2) html/gallery.html, “$count++ % 3” :
<? foreach($html[‘items’] as $item){ if( $count++ % 3 == 0 ) { ?>
so, 4×5 orientation will be:
1) $config[“pager_items_per_page”] = 20
2) “$count++ % 4”
<? foreach($html[‘items’] as $item){ if( $count++ % 4 == 0) { ?>
newer version: in catalog.html change “3” for “4” in “if($count++ % 4 == 0 && $count >1) echo ‘</tr><tr>’;”

Q: please give me advice how to create main catagory?
A: For create a main category you can just create a category.
To make it main you can just create subcategory: create another category, and select main
category as “parent id”. So, main category be “parent”, subcategory be “child”
For upload images into subcategory just select subcategory in the “Add new image” form from back-end; or upload your images by ftp into relevant directory inside the “rwx_gallery”, and next click on “Scan for new uploads” tab

Q: how I can modify the header/footer of the public area: can I just write HTML into the catalog_head and catalog_foot files?
A: you are right: you can just write HTML into the catalog_head and catalog_foot files,
Or write HTML directly into the skin “encapsgallery/html/_a_skin_/catalog.html” and “encapsgallery/html/_a_skin_/catalog_custom.html”

Q: How easy would it be to insert code to have say 4 links at the bottom of the screenshot/image for alternate resolutions? Wouldn’t mind using the same code and raym template for the wallpaper page also.
A: If you’d like to use “raym” skin, you can do following:
create 4 links below the big image:
<a href=”catalog.php?action=show_custom&size=100″>100px</a>
<a href=”catalog.php?action=show_custom&size=200″>200px</a>
<a href=”catalog.php?action=show_custom&size=300″>300px</a>
<a href=”catalog.php?action=show_custom&size=400″>400px</a>
then create the template “/html/raym/catalog_custom.hrml” , put the tag
<img src=”core/catalog_resize.php?size=<?=$_GET[“size”]&filename=../rwx_gallery/<?=$item[“filename_normal”]?> >
and some Javascript should be added for change 4 bottom links on thumbnails click

Q: can i make a link for each pic after being inlarged???
and if want to use this script for product catalog how it could be???
A: 1) for make a link for each pic you can:
– add one more field “link” for database table encaps_gallery
– modify the gallery admin page “admin/html/gallery.html” for add new column “link”
– modify the gallery front-end skin gallery.html for apply new param “link”
– update the core/catalog.class.php for manipulate new param “link”
2)for use EncapsGallery as product catalog just choose any skin you like, or modify choosed skin as you need, or create new skin

Q: Is the template based on one .css file? Can I set the size of the thumbnails? And, if I use my own header and footer, Will it be possible for me to change the copyrights.
A: 1) with source code you can do anything what you neeed
2) templates based on html, and you can use css for apply styles. You can download templates for free for test them
3)you can change the thumbnails size from config page admin/catalog_cfg.php
4)with source code you can apply your header and footer, and change copyright

Q: How do i limit the size of the image because users upload and it take so long for people to view so i need it to resize it or something please help
A: take a look into “admin/html/catalog.html” template:
the following string contains maximum allowed file size to upload (3MB):
<input type=”hidden” name=”MAX_FILE_SIZE” value=”3000000″>
You can change this value.

Q: Is there anyway to control the amount of thumbnails on each page (say I wanted to bump it to 12)? Also, where can I control the spacing between thumbnails?
A: You can control the amount of thumbnails on each page from config.ini.php:
$config[“pager_items_per_page”] = “12”;
But spacing between thumbnails hardcoded into html-templates.
You can use any preferred html-editor to modify templates

Q: My ADMIN panel seems to require no password. Can I enable password protection?
A: The simplest and fastest way to protect some resources is to put .htaccess file into required folder:
AuthType Basic
AuthName “By Invitation Only”
AuthUserFile /home/httpdocs/phpMyAdmin/.passwd
Require valid-user
Content of the .passwd file managed with htpasswd utility.
EncapsGallery-1.0.2 already has admin password protection.

Q: How could I add the category name where the visitor is at each moment? I mean not the categories navigator, but just the name of the category
A: To print the title of the current category,try to use the following expression in your html-template:
foreach($html[‘cats’] as $item)
echo $item[‘title’];
Or another simple code:
echo $html[‘cat’][‘title’];

Q: I purchased your product. I need config template shopcart in Chilean pesos ($), without decimal, example: 35 $, 56 $, etc.
A: You may just edit html templates “html/_skin_/catalog.html”,
“html/_skin_/catalog.html” :
replace the line from
$<?php echo sprintf(“%.2f”,$item[‘price’])?>
<?php echo sprintf(“%.0f”,$item[‘price’])?>$

Q: It currently is in USD I want to use pounds sterling, but I don’t see any way of changing this. Am I just missing something?
A: Yes, it’s possible to change the dollar sign to the pound or euro, but it is hardcoded into html templates. You can use html-editor for replace “$” symbol with:
€ Euro: &euro; or &#8364;
£ Pound: &pound; or &#163;
And also you should change currency code in the shopcart.php page, line #46:
<input type=”hidden” name=”currency_code” value=”USD”>
Files: “html/_skin_/catalog.html”, “html/_skin_/admin/catalog_custom.html” , “shopcart.php”, “shopcart_preview.php”

Q: Hi there.. love your script but how can i change the bg color?
A: There are 2 ways to change background color:
1) catalog_head.html:
<body bgcolor=”#CCCCCC”>
2) html/_your_skin_/catalog.css:
body { background-color:#CCCCCC; }

Q: How do I turn on the watermark?
A: For apply watermark you may modify the file “catalog_custom.html” – replace the following line:
<IMG src=”./rwx_gallery/<?php echo $html[“item”][“filename_normal”]?>”>
with new one:
<IMG src=”core/watermark.php?id=<?php echo $html[“item”][“id”]?>”>

This is related to templates “shopcart”, “acd”, “expo”, “light”.

To apply watermark for “raym” template, you should modify file “html/raym/catalog.html”, line #66:
document.getElementById(“photo_img_id”).src = ‘core/watermark.php?id=’+items_[position_][“id”];


Q: How to make the urls look like http://yourwebsite.com/catalog/categoryName/itemName.html instead of http://yourwebsite.com/catalog.php?categ_id=1&id=2 ? (mod_rewrite)

1. Edit core/catalog_categ.class.php:

add the line #12 under function CatalogCategController():
$this->model->fields[“idse”] = null;

add the line #57 under function update():
$fields[“idse”] = preg_replace(“/[^a-z0-9._-]/i”, “-“, strtolower($postget[“idse”]?$postget[“idse”]:$postget[“title”]));

2. Edit core/catalog_item.class.php

add the line #25:
$this->model->fields[“idse”] = null;

add the line #75 under function update():
$fields[“idse”] = preg_replace(“/[^a-z0-9._-]/i”, “-“, strtolower($postget[“idse”]?$postget[“idse”]:$postget[“title”]));

3. Update your database:
ALTER TABLE `catalog_categs` ADD `idse` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ;
ALTER TABLE `catalog_items` ADD `idse` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ;

4. Edit catalog.php add the following code after the line #5:

$html["categ"] = $catalog->categs->get("WHERE idse='".$postget["categ_idse"]."'");
$postget["categ_id"] = $html["categ"]["id"];
$html["item"] = $catalog->items->get("WHERE idse='".$postget["item_idse"]."'");
$postget["id"] = $html["item"]["id"];

5. Edit catalog_head.html and replace the lines
<a href=”catalog.php?categ_id=<?php echo $categ[“id”]?>”>
with the following:
<a href=”catalog/<?php echo $categ[“idse”]?>/”>

6. Edit catalog_items.html and replace
<a href=”?id=<?php echo $item[“id”]?>” >
<a href=”catalog/<?php echo $categ[“idse”]?>/<?php echo $item[“idse”]?>.html”>

7. Add the following lines into .htaccess file (create .htaccess if doesn’t exist)

RewriteRule catalog/([^/]+)/$ catalog.php?categ_idse=$1 [NC]
RewriteRule catalog/([^/]+)/([0-9]+)/$ catalog.php?categ_idse=$1&page=$2 [NC]
RewriteRule catalog/([^/]+)/([^/]+).html$ catalog.php?id=$2 [NC] 

8. Edit config.ini.php and set $config[‘url_root’]=’http://yourwebsite.com/’;

9. Edit catalog_head.html and set <base href=”<?=$config[‘url_root’]?>”> under the <head> tag:
<base href=”<?=$config[‘url_root’]?>”>

Q: How to enable CKEditor – WYSIWYG reach text editor?
1. Download CKEditor from http://ckeditor.com/download
2. Uncompress ckeditor_x.y.z.zip and upload into encaps/admin/ directory

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