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Encaps Gallery is multipurpose skinnable php image gallery software with free Flash gallery template. Easy to install and run, it does not require php/mysql/flash skills.

PHP photo gallery key features

– easy to apply new templates (HTML,Flash) anasayfa-resim1
– MySQL database installer
– create unlimited categories
– upload unlimited media files (jpg,gif,png,mov,swf)
– automatic thumbnails creation (optional)
– easy to install and use
– admin (back-end) panel
– PayPal shopping cart (optional)


Encaps photo album software provides you with a free, lightweight and customizable web application for online digital photo album creation, allowing you to create a custom photo album on your Web page. Encaps image gallery software may be run as a stand-alone application or embedded within another Web page. PHP photo gallery helps you to create your custom flash photo album. Encaps Photo Gallery is a fully functional ready-to-go image-hosting system written in PHP.

Photo album scripts come with an Admin panel to manage your photo galleries and images. It is completely customizable using HTML or Flash templates. You can easily create and manage photo albums, using http/ftp image upload and admin back-end.


anasayfa-resim2PHP Photo Gallery install

Encaps PHP Photo Gallery is easy to install and configure. It will allow you to have a nicely running free photo album in a few minutes. All that you need to install it is Web space to host your photo album with PHP & GD support and an SQL database. Simply unzip the program files and upload to your Web host, configure image gallery, run the install-script, upload your photos using http or ftp, then run scan-script – and you are done! The PHP photo gallery scan-script will read the images directory and add the new photos to your website.

Encaps Photo album software comes with basic design skins (100% HTML template-based design) for anyone who is not a skilled designer. You can create an online digital photo album without any PHP, HTML or SQL knowledge. Also you can modify the supplied template or create your own for your photo album. Encaps Photo Gallery software is easily skinnable and should be able to fit all websites. The native HTML + PHP photo gallery templates mean that you can easily edit the album design to your liking.

Encaps Photo album software uses a MySQL database to store the information concerning your photos. Encaps Photo Gallery software comes with an installer, so you don’t need wide experience in setting up the SQL database. The PHP photo gallery back-end administration interface helps you to manage the files, edit image descriptions and so on. An installer script is included. Simply upload your pictures, run scan-script – and you can view your photo album online.

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